In order to stay cutting edge, delivery of event design and production value is paramount. At PEG we believe collaboration is key to stay at the forefront of the industry, ahead of trends and to produce work both clients and creators can feel immensely proud of. Our extensive and forever evolving network of visionaries, fabricators, scenic painters, architects, production managers, programmers, producers and artists come together to form the initial concept, brainstorming in sequence how to deliver the very best and time and time again.


Our network is extensive with specialists in a number of fields including:

–        Set Designers

–        Set Painters

–        Fabricators

–        Prop Makers

–        Live Event Managers

–        Production Managers

–        Theatrical Directors

–        Producers

–        Artist

–        Graphic Designers

–        Photographers/Videographers

–        Architects

–        Stage Managers

–        Artists Liasons

–        Show Callers

–        Technical Production

–        Sound Engineers

–        Stage Techs

–        License

–        Funding

–        Event Consultants

–        Health & Safety Managers